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Silent But Deadly: Quiet Cars Kill

The engines installed on hybrid and electric vehicles make them silent and potentially deadly threats to pedestrians. Unlike traditional combustion engines, hybrid and electric engines do not generate significant noise that can alert pedestrians to the presence of an approaching vehicle. While companies including Toyota, Nissan, and others have tested sound generating systems for their […]

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles [infographic]

Children are especially vulnerable to non-traffic injuries and fatalities involving automobiles. From 1990 to 2014, there were 11,759 non-traffic related incidents that caused 3,396 fatalities in children. These injuries and fatalities can be caused by suffocation, crushing, falls, fires and other dangers. When children are injured or killed in these incidents, motorists, vehicle manufacturers, parts […]

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Airbag Innovations That Keep Drivers Safe [Infographic]

Airbag innovations could help increase passive driver safety and reduce fatality rates from car accidents. New vehicles are being equipped with knee airbags, front center airbags, or inflatable seatbelts to minimize the risk of injury. (Article continues below Infographic) ______ Airbags Statistically Reduce Driver Fatalities Airbags have proven to reduce the likelihood of driver death […]

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Safety Alert: Back to School Traffic Puts Kids at High Risk

School bells are ringing throughout the region and back to school means that parents, students, and community members need to make traffic safety a top priority. There is an increased risk of automobile accidents during this season and taking active measures to reduce the risk is crucial for reducing injury and fatality rates as kids […]

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The Risks and Realities of Rollover Accidents [infographic]

It is important for Illinois drivers to be aware of rollover accident risks and to take precautions to avoid becoming seriously injured victims. Roughly 30% of all car accident fatalities are the result of vehicle rollovers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that these crashes cause approximately 10,000 deaths annually. Rollovers are also […]

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What it Means to Drive Stoned in Illinois

New DUI thresholds for marijuana may help define what it means to drive stoned in Illinois. Despite the recent law changes, however, the dangerous effects associated with operating a motor vehicle while stoned remain the same. Driving under the influence of mind-altering substances can significantly impair a person’s driving ability, raising the risk of a […]

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Tesla Misses IIHS’s Top Crash Rating Standards

Tesla’s all-electric luxury vehicles are popular among Chicagoans, but the vehicles didn’t pass one of the IIHS‘s five safety tests and missed the top safety designation given by the organization. The Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Impala, and the Ford Taurus all failed the same test and did not receive the Top Safety Pick Plus designation […]

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‘Textalyzer’ to Detect Cell Phone Use While Driving Under Consideration

A new device called a ‘textalyzer’ is being developed to help law enforcement officers detect whether or not drivers in accidents were distracted by texting, social media and other applications while they were driving, resulting in their accidents.Currently, law enforcement officers must get search warrants in order to search drivers’ phones, making it difficult for […]

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Illinois’ GDL Program Equals Safer Streets

Well known as a model for teen driving safety, the Illinois Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program has significantly reduced the number of fatalities associated with teen drivers since it was implemented in 2008. With approximately 60 percent fewer deaths, the GDL program is proven to be effective at making Illinois streets safer for motorists, cyclists […]

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Negligent Entrustment May Result in Rental Car Company Liability for Car Accidents

In most Illinois accidents involving rental cars, the rental car companies themselves will not hold liability except in certain rare cases. Rental car companies may hold a share of the liability if the accidents resulted from the companies’ negligence in maintaining their vehicles. They may also hold some liability if they negligently entrust the vehicles […]