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Car Accident Victims Are Getting a Raw Deal

Policyholders are led to believe that insurance companies will offer financial help to injured victims after a car accident but insurers frequently cheat victims out of what they are owed. Insurance is supposed to protect individuals from unexpected expenses when accidents happen. No matter their reputation, how nice they are, or what they say, insurance […]

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When a Car Accident Happens on Private Property

When a car accident happens on private property such as at an apartment complex or in a parking lot, determining liability can be more complicated, police may be more reluctant to respond or create a police report, and insurance companies are more apt to deny injury claims. Those involved in accidents on private property should […]

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Who Is At Fault in a Chain Reaction Accident?

The actions of more than one driver often combine to cause chain reaction accidents, and courts consider all drivers involved and assign a percentage of fault to each to determine responsibility for injuries and damage. An auto accident attorney often assists drivers who are involved in chain reaction accidents in determining if they are entitled to compensation for their […]

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A Staggering Number of Drivers Flee the Scene in Chicago Crashes

A staggering number of drivers in Chicago flee the scene after hitting pedal cyclists and pedestrians, and the number of hit and run accidents continues to rise. Data by the City of Chicago shows that between 2005 and 2015, 22 percent of fatal bike collisions and 41 percent of deadly pedestrian accidents involved hit-and-run drivers. […]

Who Is Driving Distracted

Who Is Driving Distracted in Your Neighborhood? [infographic]

Some people are more likely than others to perform dangerous driving behaviors like texting while driving, daydreaming, eating, drinking, adjusting control dials, reading road signs, engaging in conversation, or otherwise not focusing on operating a motor vehicle. While anyone is at risk of becoming a distracted driver, young male neurotics who drive frequently and are […]

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A Smarter Way to Prevent Drunk Driving

Technological advances are putting the power to stop drunk driving accidents into the hands of the drivers themselves. By coupling smartphone technology with personal breathalyzers, it may be possible to significantly reduce the rates of drunk driving across the country. Costing roughly $100, these personal breathalyzers have the potential to save many lives and protect […]

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Silent But Deadly: Quiet Cars Kill

The engines installed on hybrid and electric vehicles make them silent and potentially deadly threats to pedestrians. Unlike traditional combustion engines, hybrid and electric engines do not generate significant noise that can alert pedestrians to the presence of an approaching vehicle. While companies including Toyota, Nissan, and others have tested sound generating systems for their […]

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles [infographic]

Children are especially vulnerable to non-traffic injuries and fatalities involving automobiles. From 1990 to 2014, there were 11,759 non-traffic related incidents that caused 3,396 fatalities in children. These injuries and fatalities can be caused by suffocation, crushing, falls, fires and other dangers. When children are injured or killed in these incidents, motorists, vehicle manufacturers, parts […]

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Airbag Innovations That Keep Drivers Safe [Infographic]

Airbag innovations could help increase passive driver safety and reduce fatality rates from car accidents. New vehicles are being equipped with knee airbags, front center airbags, or inflatable seatbelts to minimize the risk of injury. (Article continues below Infographic) ______ Airbags Statistically Reduce Driver Fatalities Airbags have proven to reduce the likelihood of driver death […]

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Safety Alert: Back to School Traffic Puts Kids at High Risk

School bells are ringing throughout the region and back to school means that parents, students, and community members need to make traffic safety a top priority. There is an increased risk of automobile accidents during this season and taking active measures to reduce the risk is crucial for reducing injury and fatality rates as kids […]