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Give A Big Applause To CVS

CVS Caremark, the country‚Äôs largest drugstore chain in overall sales, announced in February that it planned to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products by October 2014. The company estimated that its decision would shave an estimated $2 billion in sales from customers buying cigarettes and other products, including incidental items like gum that might […]

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Low Testosterone Medication

Low testosterone can dim a man’s sex drive, energy, and motivation. Medication to cure low testosterone can have harmful effects. When needed, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can boost T levels back to normal and return a man to full vigar. Still, there are also risks to TRT, and the long-term safety isn’t clear. A consumer […]

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Potential Risk In Using Baby Powder

Nothing is more refreshing than a warm shower followed by a little sweet smelling powder. Whether you use a generic baby powder or a name brand perfumed brand, you probably have never considered that you could be putting yourself at risk for cancer. Powder in the United States used to contain asbestos; asbestos is a […]