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Ghoulish Facts About Halloween Injuries

Severe Halloween injuries impact the lives of thousands of children and adults every year. When these injuries are caused by the negligence of others, victims have a right to compensation for medical expenses and related losses. Halloween: Peak Time for Injuries While millions of Americans are carving pumpkins, choosing costumes, and getting ready for Halloween, […]

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Sports-Related Injujries Are Breaking More Records. Here’s Why

Overuse may be to blame for the rise in sports-related injuries in children.  Coaches have a duty to keep children safe. When they fail, they could be liable for the injuries caused. What Is Fueling the Rise in Injuries? The number of children experiencing sports injuries continues to increase. According to the Centers for Disease […]

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Safety Issues Emerge as E-Scooters Roll into Chicago

Chicago’s electric scooter pilot program has taken to the streets and safety concerns for riders, pedestrians, and other motorists are beginning to emerge. Failing to abide by speed limits and other traffic laws, intoxicated operators, rider inexperience, and not wearing helmets are putting people at risk for brain injuries, broken bones, and death. Many kinks […]

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Don’t Let Social Media Posts Jeopardize Your Recovery

When victims are in the midst of an injury lawsuit, the wrong social media post could jeopardize their financial recovery. It is common for confidentiality clauses to be included in the terms of a lawsuit settlement agreement. These clauses prohibit all parties in a case from talking about the details publicly. An errant post on […]

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5 Worst Water Park Accidents in History

A day at the water park should be a day filled with fun, sun, and splashing, but when the excursion leads to a serious accident, families are left with holes that are difficult to fill. Here are some of the most frightening accidents that occurred in water parks worldwide. 1. Schlitterbahn Water Park Fatality In […]

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Wedding Injuries are No Honeymoon

Weddings are surprisingly hazardous events and when injuries occur, determining liability can be a challenge because numerous entities may have contributed to the accident. People who are injured at weddings may be able to recover damages from the venue, vendors, the wedding planner, and even the bride and groom. Understanding the Danger of Wedding Events […]

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New Illinois Law Protects Kids at the Carnival

Illinois’ new law is expected to help reduce the risk of children falling victim to predators who may be employed in the carnival industry. When carnival companies perform criminal background checks on all employees, they can weed out workers who have been convicted of child abuse and those who are registered sex offenders. New Law […]

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What It Means When You’re Catastrophically Injured

Catastrophic injuries are permanently disabling, disfiguring, or deadly. They usually necessitate a lifetime of medical care, rehabilitation, and special accommodations for victims who survive. An injury lawyer can help victims recover compensation when catastrophic injuries were caused because of someone else’s negligence. What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury? Catastrophic injuries are often caused by the […]

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Sterigenics International: Have You Been Injured?

Toxic ethylene oxide emissions released into the air by Sterigenics International put the health and well-being of the public at risk. It is suspected that these emissions could be the cause of high cancer rates in Willowbrook and surrounding communities. Here’s what workers and people who live in this area need to know. Who is […]

Was Your Baby’s Birth Defect Preventable? [infographic]

Although many birth defects are genetic, some are preventable and have been linked to prescription and over the counter medications, exposure to chemicals and toxins at home or in the workplace, or inadequate medical care during pregnancy. When birth defects are a result of negligence, money for medical bills, ongoing treatment and care, and other […]