Empty train

Metra Train Passes the Same as a Groupon?

Retail stores and coupon sites such as Groupon now have to comply with the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act that states that gift cards and gift certificates cannot expire for five years. One commuter is determined to hold Metra to the same standards. In a lawsuit filed in May, the plaintive claims that limited ride passes […]

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Adoptees To Get Birth Certificates

In November 2011, a new Illinois law became effective that allows Illinois born adult adoptees to obtain non-certified copies of their birth certificates from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Adoptees must be at least 21 years old to apply. In most cases, the original birth certificate will list the first and last names of […]

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An Online Relationship Goes to the Supreme Court

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities to learn, shop, and locate friends while simultaneously posing an alarming array of potential threats and scams for the unwary. In May of this year, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled on the case of Paula Bonhomme v. Janna St. James, 2012 IL 112393, deciding that the defendant’s misrepresentation […]

Zero Tolerance sign

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…” a popular lyric from the 1971 FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND but what do those signs that read “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” or “No shirt, no shoes – no service” really mean? Generally there are no laws that ban bare feet in public but a restaurant […]

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Facebook: Not for your employer

According to the Pew Research Center more than 50% of Facebook users are older than 35. While most are not posting images of themselves wasted at a party or a springbreak trip they believe that their Facebook page enjoys a reasonable amount of privacy; at least until current and potential employers began asking for their […]

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New Identity Theft Methods

Parents do everything they can to protect their children but if something horrible does occur, no parent is prepared to discover that they must not only deal with their grief, but they must also contend with the fact that their deceased child’s identity has been stolen. According to Bloomberg.com, more and more parents have discovered […]