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General Motors Has Set A New Precedence For Auto Recalls This Year

General Motors (GM) has set a new precedence for auto recalls this year, as the first cavalcade of auto recalls quickly turned the safety notices into background noise ignored by many of the effected car owners. GM started the avalanche on February 2014, when they announced that they had to fix a fatally flawed ignition […]

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Metra Train Passes the Same as a Groupon?

Retail stores and coupon sites such as Groupon now have to comply with the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act that states that gift cards and gift certificates cannot expire for five years. One commuter is determined to hold Metra to the same standards. In a lawsuit filed in May, the plaintive claims that limited ride passes […]

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An Online Relationship Goes to the Supreme Court

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities to learn, shop, and locate friends while simultaneously posing an alarming array of potential threats and scams for the unwary. In May of this year, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled on the case of Paula Bonhomme v. Janna St. James, 2012 IL 112393, deciding that the defendant’s misrepresentation […]

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Gadgets in Cars-Trendy, but Dangerous

As mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets become increasingly ubiquitous, our culture is becoming more reliant on these tools. While they offer easy and fast access to information on the fly, the use of these technologies while driving cars can create dangerous situations for everyone on the road. Distracted driving is a big […]

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No More Texting While Bicycling in Chicago

The dangers presented by motorists texting while driving has been in the news a lot lately. That’s because it’s an extremely dangerous practice that is becoming increasingly common as smart phone use becomes ubiquitous. For that reason, many jurisdictions have banned the use of smart phones while driving, as we’ve discussed on this blog many […]

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iPad Apps for Trial Lawyers

The iPad is turning out to be a very useful tool for litigation attorneys, including personal injury lawyers. There are a number of iPad apps that have been developed over that past year that are intended to assist litigators at all stages of a case, from drafting pleadings and taking depositions to choosing a jury […]