Falls From Vehicles Can Be Serious

Falls from vehicles can lead to serious injuries or death. These accidents are responsible for thousands of injuries every year. They often result from slip and falls from workplace vehicle access ladders or steps, inadequate footwear, inclement weather conditions, torn sheets or broken ropes that cause overbalancing, or a general lack of awareness. There are several […]

Lawsuit sign on a wooden table

Accident Case Timeline

Auto accidents, like other types of personal injury cases, follow a timeline that consists of specific steps. Some steps will require more time than others to complete. Since victims often face costly expenses after an accident, it’s a good idea for victims to understand what to expect before filing an accident claim. The Accident Takes […]

The Second Leading Preventable Workplace Injury Event

Same-level falls are the second leading preventable workplace injury event in the United States. There are a number of reasons these injuries are so commonplace in many types of facilities. What Are Same-Level Falls? Same-level falls are when a person falls on one or more surfaces at the same level rather than from an elevated […]