Are Veterinary Occupations Dangerous?

There are several types of injuries that veterinary technicians may suffer while on the job, either as a result of negligence or exposure to aggressive animals. To maintain personal safety in a veterinary office, employees should keep the following workplace hazards in mind. Injuries from Animals It’s not always easy to anticipate how animals will behave in a […]

10 Secrets to Obtaining a Fair Car Accident Settlement

In addition to hiring a car accident attorney to help with negotiations, there are numerous secrets that can help injured victims reach a fair settlement when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters aren’t on the side of the accident victim and will work to reach the lowest settlement possible. However, following these tips can increase […]

5 Reasons People Visit the ER on Thanksgiving

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, emergency room visits spike for a number of reasons. As more people get together and celebrate the holidays with friends and family, the possibility of injury increases as more risk factors are introduced. Everything from cooking food to drinking excessively can lead to various accidents or illnesses and subsequent visits to the […]