Do You Qualify for Vocational Training After Your Workplace Accident?

In Illinois, injured workers may qualify for vocational rehabilitation if they meet certain requirements and are able to return to their original positions. If the worker is physically unable to complete the training, he or she may be eligible for additional programs through the Department of Human Services or a workers’ comp lawyer. Rights of […]

The Dangers of Unapproved Stem Cell Therapies

Unapproved stem cell therapies can present health complications in patients. Specifically, infections can develop, including epidural abscesses and infections of the bloodstream or joints. What Are Approved Stem Cell Therapies? Currently, the only approved stem cell therapies are derived from the blood drawn from umbilical cords. These therapies are specifically intended to increase blood cell count or […]

Bladder Dysfunction: A Side Effect of Spinal Cord Injury

Incontinence and other bladder dysfunctions are physical, emotional, social, and economic challenges that many spinal cord injury victims face every day. Victims may need to rely on costly medical equipment, special supplies, or take medication for the rest of their lives. These are factors to be considered when filing a personal injury claim. What Is […]