Tree Care Workers Face Numerous Risks

Tree care work is dangerous. Workers are at risk of getting electrocuted, falling from significant heights, or getting struck by falling trees. Employers are responsible for reducing the risk to their employees by providing protective equipment and proper training. Injured workers who are employees are entitled to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Keeping […]

You Are One Download Away From Becoming a Safer Driver

Safe driving apps can help prevent distracted driving and monitor for other unsafe driving behaviors that cause car accidents. Using Technology to Prevent Distracted Driving Cell phone use has increased the risk of serious and fatal injuries from distracted driving. But the same technology that led to such accidents can be now used as a […]

School Districts, Parents Throughout the U.S. Are Suing Juul. Here’s Why

Parents and school districts throughout the United States are filing lawsuits against e-cigarette maker Juul claiming the company marketed its addictive products to minors. The company is also under fire for allegedly misleading consumers about vaping health risks. Multiple School Districts Suing Juul School districts in California, Kansas, Arizona, and Kentucky have recently filed lawsuits […]