How Long Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Illinois?

The length of time that an injured worker can receive benefits depends on a number of factors including the type of benefits received, how permanent the injury is, and the worker’s age. Generally, injured workers may receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits until they are released to go back to their jobs without restrictions, they […]

How to Document Your Car Accident

When possible, accident victims should immediately document as much information as they can without jeopardizing their and their passengers’ health and safety. Otherwise, it is easy to forget important information that may be helpful to their auto accident attorney if they choose to file a personal injury claim. Remember Safety First The first moments after […]

What Parents Should Know About Water Safety

Serious injuries and drownings can be prevented when property owners, operators, and caregivers understand the risks and make water safety a priority when children are around bodies of water. When negligence, lack of training, or reckless behavior causes injuries or death in Chicago, victims can file a personal injury lawsuit to hold responsible parties liable. […]