Hidden Dangers Faced by Airline Mechanics in Chicago

There are hidden dangers that airline mechanics face regularly in the workplace. While mechanics often take safety precautions and wear the appropriate gear to help prevent work-related injuries, some hazards may be less apparent and therefore are more difficult for employees to prevent. Crushing Accidents One potential hidden danger that could cause serious injuries or […]

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Is the Lack of Injury Lawsuits Killing People?

A larger number of people may be dying because┬áinjury victims aren’t filing lawsuits against the people responsible for these incidents. A lack of lawsuits speaks to a lack of accountability. When negligent people are not held liable for the injuries and deaths they cause, information is concealed that could protect victims from harm. The Increased […]

Special Rules Apply to Car Accident Claims Involving Children

Special rules apply to car accident claims involving children who sustained injuries because of the crash. Personal injury law is based on the assumption that children are incapable of making the same well-informed judgments as adults. Understanding the rules that apply to motor vehicle accidents that involve children can help victims determine how to navigate […]