Is the Lack of Injury Lawsuits Killing People?

filing out a medical malpractice claim

A larger number of people may be dying because┬áinjury victims aren’t filing lawsuits against the people responsible for these incidents. A lack of lawsuits speaks to a lack of accountability. When negligent people are not held liable for the injuries and deaths they cause, information is concealed that could protect victims from harm.

The Increased Instances of Medical Errors

Medical errors are the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., accounting for more deaths than all other causes put together. The majority of medical errors, however, are avoidable. If more patients filed medical malpractice claims and lawsuits when they were injured by negligent healthcare providers, it would likely lead to repercussions that would help prevent future injuries and deaths.

While patients could sue in many cases, they often refuse to do so. Even when victims file medical malpractice claims, they are often severely under-compensated if they file on their own. With the help of medical malpractice attorneys, patients may have a better chance of winning these cases and receiving the compensation they need to pay for medical bills and lost wages.

The Dangers of Medical Implants

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has also enabled certain defective implanted heart devices to cause harm to patients. Victims have no medical or legal recourse, and the FDA advises against the high-risk surgery that is required to remove the implants.

Specifically, a ProPublica article detailed the risks associated with the HVAD (Heartware Ventricular Assist Device). The article revealed that more than 19,000 patients had received the implants, even after the FDA determined that they fell short of federal standards. The FDA put HeartWare on watch due to the manufacturer’s failure to properly monitor and repair these devices. Malfunctions such as defective batteries and short circuits have resulted in thousands of deaths.

Despite these dangers, Congress hasn’t enabled victims of HVAD-related injuries or their surviving family members to file lawsuits and recover damages.

When negligent medical professionals and device manufacturers are not held accountable, they may continue to cause Patient injuries and deaths.