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Is Your Doctor on Big Pharma’s Payroll?

Many doctors receive cash payouts from pharmaceutical companies, raising ethical questions and conflicts of interest. Under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, drug manufacturers are required to disclose any payments over $10 made to doctors. These disclosures are designed to ensure that physicians provide unbiased medical advice and treatment. Evidence Comes to the Fore A recent […]

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Keyless Ignitions Are Killing People

Carbon monoxide emitted when a driver forgets to push an on-off button that shuts off an engine in cars that run on keyless ignition is killing people. Instead of using a key to start an engine, a keyless ignition uses a push button. Many individuals are used to using a key and this makes it […]

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The Second Leading Cause of Workplace Fatalities Just Increased By 23 Percent

Workplace injuries involving violence increased 23 percent in 2016, becoming the second-most common cause of occupational fatalities and trailing only transportation incidents. Workplace fatalities involving violence increased from 703 in 2015 to 866 in 2016. This increase in job fatalities shows that for many groups of workers, work is becoming more dangerous and deadly. Understanding […]