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Reducing Backover Accidents in the Workplace

To prevent backover accidents in the workplace, employers, contractors, workers, and drivers must be aware of vehicle blind spots, problems with backup alarms, the presence of multiple vehicles, and how to make vehicles and individuals visible. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, backover accidents claimed over 215 lives from 2003 to 2010. The number […]

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Were You Hit By a Drone?

Most of the time when a drone crashes into someone or causes an accident, it is a result of a malfunctioning part, a defective design, or loss of operator control. Negligence on the part of manufacturers, distributors, and drone operators can result in serious injuries. The entities that cause drone accidents can be held liable […]

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When a Car Accident Happens on Private Property

When a car accident happens on private property such as at an apartment complex or in a parking lot, determining liability can be more complicated, police may be more reluctant to respond or create a police report, and insurance companies are more apt to deny injury claims. Those involved in accidents on private property should […]