Vaping May Increase COVID-19 Severity

Vaping can cause underlying lung and heart conditions in users. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that because of this, users are at a higher risk of contracting and suffering severe complications from COVID-19. What Does Vaping Do to the Lungs? By now, it should be no secret that e-cigarettes are dangerous products. […]

Car Accidents Have Decreased for Third Year in a Row

While car accidents and fatalities continue to decrease each year, injuries and deaths from crashes that do occur should not be ignored. Thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians suffer life-altering, even fatal injuries in motor vehicle collisions every year. Medical bills and loss of income from the inability to work can quickly lead to financial […]

When Work Equipment Fails

Employers are required to comply with OSHA’s safety rules and regulations, which include equipment and machinery used at worksites. Workers who are injured by defective or dangerous equipment are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, they may also be entitled to further compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty equipment and if negligent, their employer, too. […]