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Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Round Up

Here’s what other personal injury and worker’s compensation bloggers, and more, have been talking about over the past few weeks: Southwest Airlines Feels the Wrath of Twitter (And Kevin Smith) ( EEOC Socked with $ 4.5 Million Attorneys Fees Award (Workplace Prof Blog) Some Fosamax Users Have Had Their Femur Fracture Without Any Fall Or […]

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Much Needed Food Regulations May be on the Way

Recalls of tainted food seem to be an ever increasing phenomenon. In January there was a massive recall of ground beef products. As reported in USA Today, a California meat-packing company recalled 864,000 pounds of beef due to fears it had been contaminated with E. coli. In another case, as reported by ABC News, there […]

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Chicagoans Should Receive Photographic Evidence of Parking Violations

In December of 2008, the Chicago City Council approved Mayor Daley‘s plan to lease the City’s parking meter plan to a private company for 75 years. This was done in an attempt to increase revenue and pay down the City’s budget deficit. As a result of this plan, some areas of the City saw their […]


The Toyota Recalls: the Massive Legal Fallout

Many plaintiffs lawyers are predicting that the Toyota products liability recalls will result in complex federal lawsuits thechicago-injury-lawyer.comrivaling the tobacco litigation, as explained in this ABA Journal blog post. In Ohio, a class action against Toyota was recently filed alleging fraud and negligence arising from the recall related to the defective gas pedals. As explained […]

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Illinois Supreme Court Issues Important Workers’ Compensation Decision

On January 22, 2010, the Illinois Supreme Court handed down an important decision in the Workers’ Compensation arena. At issue in Interstate Scaffolding Inc. v. the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, et al was whether the employer must continue to pay Total Temporary Disability (TTD) benefits resulting from a work-related injury, when a worker is terminated, […]

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Illinois Supreme Court Holds Medical Malpractice Cap Law Unconstitutional

Last Thursday, in LeBron vs. Gottlieb Memorial Hospitalt, Docket No. 105741, the Illinois Supreme Court struck down the state’s medical malpractice law, which imposed caps on damages awarded to victims. The now-overturned law, which was enacted in 2005, limited damages in medical malpractice actions to $500,000 for pain and suffering and other non-economic damages of […]

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Illinois Bans Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is a hot topic these days as the dangers of operating a motor vehicle while distracted become increasingly clear. In fact, the government has established a website, NHTSA, that outlines the risks inherent in driving a car while distracted. (Hat tip: Day on Torts). Statistics on the website reveal the extent of […]


Personal Injury and Worker’s Comp Round Up

Here’s what other personal injury and worker’s compensation bloggers have been talking about over the past few weeks: 9/11 Lawsuits May Shine A Light on What Really Happened That Day (via The Pop Tort) Lead Paint and Constructive Notice to Landlords (via New York Personal Injury Law Blog) Doctors and Hospitals Seek Special Treatment for […]

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Cook County Circuit Court holds rule of “natural accumulation” applies indoors

At issue in Reed v. Galaxy Holdings, 394 Ill.App.3d 39, 914 N.E.2d 632 (Ill.App. 1 Dist.,2009), was whether a business had a duty to remove the water that had accumulated on the floor in the entryway of a laundromat, where the puddle of water caused the plaintiff to slip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. […]

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Court Filings and Privacy-A Double Edged Sword

Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog recently noted that a New York court wisely banned the use of social security numbers in subpoenas: (Y)esterday, in the New York Law Journal, (no link) comes the story of Supreme Court Justice F. Dana Winslow of Nassau County refusing to sign subpoenas in a […]