Sidewalk view

Hitting someone in the Cross Walk is not an Option

You may have noticed since July throughout the City of Chicago, as part of an ongoing effort to increase pedestrian safety and reduce the number of crashes, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has begun installing signs at crosswalks that remind drivers of the state law that requires them to stop if pedestrians are in […]

Man driving in the evening

School Zone Speed Limits

Illinois law has long had a law regarding speed limits in school zones. The law requires motor vehicles to operate, on a school day when children are present, at a speed of no more than 20 miles per hour while passing through designated school zones. In February of 2012, Governor Quinn approved Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s […]

White casket

The wake of the Jerry Sandusky Scandal

In the wake of the scandal, trial, and subsequent conviction for sexual abuse of Coach Jerry Sandusky, schools are looking for ways to prevent these occurrences at all levels of education. Erin’s law has been enacted in four states, including Illinois, and introduced by the legislature in another eight. The law, named for author and […]