When Holiday Gifts Hurt

When children are injured because of dangerous or defective toys, the toy manufacturer could be held liable for injuries or deaths. By familiarizing themselves with the latest toy safety risks and following a few simple tips, parents and caregivers can help keep kids safe. When Holidays Bring Injuries Some toys can bring danger to homes […]

You Were Hit by A Car with No Insurance. What’s Next?

When people are hit by a car with no auto insurance, they generally turn to their own insurance company to cover their losses. Even though they are seeking damages from their own insurance providers, however, companies rarely pay full claim value without a fight. Many people find themselves working with an auto accident attorney to […]

Lawyers having a look on documents.

What it Takes to Be the Best Work Injury Lawyers

Injured workers in Chicago need to know what qualities to look for when choosing the best workers’ comp lawyer to handle their case. Obtaining a fair work injury settlement, after all, often depends on having a skilled attorney. Reviewing client testimonials and attorney ratings is just the first step in finding a lawyer that claimants […]