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5 Worst Water Park Accidents in History

A day at the water park should be a day filled with fun, sun, and splashing, but when the excursion leads to a serious accident, families are left with holes that are difficult to fill. Here are some of the most frightening accidents that occurred in water parks worldwide. 1. Schlitterbahn Water Park Fatality In […]

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Septic Arthritis: Here What You Need to Know

When septic arthritis is not promptly diagnosed and treated, permanent damage to the joint can result. A joint infection that causes red, swollen, and painful joints, septic arthritis is often accompanied by a fever. When a patient presents with these symptoms, septic arthritis is one of the first conditions doctors typically consider. When a doctor […]

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Move Over Chicago: Police Strengthen Enforcement to Protect EMS

To better protect police and other emergency professionals after a recent surge of officer deaths, Illinois passed legislation increasing fines and penalties for failing to move over when approaching vehicles with flashing lights on the side of the road. Drivers who fail to comply with the Move Over Law could face license suspension and up […]

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Wedding Injuries are No Honeymoon

Weddings are surprisingly hazardous events and when injuries occur, determining liability can be a challenge because numerous entities may have contributed to the accident. People who are injured at weddings may be able to recover damages from the venue, vendors, the wedding planner, and even the bride and groom. Understanding the Danger of Wedding Events […]

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Inadequate Emergency Showers & Eyewash Stations

Employers are required by law to always maintain a safe workspace for workers. This includes providing and maintaining emergency response equipment like emergency showers and eyewash stations. When a worker is injured because an employer fails in that responsibility, a work injury attorney can help him or her receive compensation for resulting injuries. Stricter OSHA […]

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Midwives Under Fire

An at-home delivery performed by midwives can increase the risk of birth injuries, including permanent brain injuries. When a midwife’s negligence causes injury to a newborn or to its mother, it may be possible to file a birth injury lawsuit with the help of a medical malpractice lawyer. Negligence of Midwives Approximately 8 percent of […]

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When Drivers Do the Crime, It Could Still Be on the Insurance Company’s Dime

Insurers are normally required to pay for injuries and losses resulting from a covered driver’s illegal acts. When DUI/DWI, reckless driving, distracted driving, or hit and run accidents happen and someone is hurt, insurers must pay for the injured party’s medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Depending on the negligent driver’s insurance coverage, insurers […]

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Workplace Safety: Will Wearables Make a Difference?

The use of wearable technology could help prevent accidents from worker fatigue that put the safety of all workers at risk. Employers are required to maintain a safe work environment for their workers. Employees that are injured on the job are entitled to workers compensation. The Hidden Danger of Fatigue in the Workplace Today, wearable […]

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Don’t Let a DUI Accident Be a Buzz Kill this Cinco de Mayo

Celebrations on Cinco de Mayo often turn into tragedy as drunk driving and reckless behaviors threaten everyone on the road. The holiday period from 6:00 PM May 4 to 5:59 AM May 6 is especially dangerous, with DUI crashes involving serious injuries and fatalities impacting the lives of hundreds of people every year. Injured parties […]

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New Illinois Law Protects Kids at the Carnival

Illinois’ new law is expected to help reduce the risk of children falling victim to predators who may be employed in the carnival industry. When carnival companies perform criminal background checks on all employees, they can weed out workers who have been convicted of child abuse and those who are registered sex offenders. New Law […]