Workers Subjected to Retaliation After Reporting Workplace Injuries

Employees who have been subjected to retaliation for reporting a workplace injury may be entitled to additional compensation by making a whistleblower claim. Under Federal law, it is illegal for an employer to discipline or retaliate against employees who report injuries. This creates an atmosphere of fear that intimidates other workers and discourages them from […]

Injured by an Instacart Driver?

Victims of accidents involving Instacart drivers could have difficulty being compensated for their damages, including medical costs, loss of income, and property damage. Instacart requires their drivers to carry commercial insurance. But if they fail to verify such coverage, they should be held liable for damages. Independent Contractors Are Responsible for Their Own Insurance Unlike […]

Exposed to Covid-19 on a Cruise Ship?

The negligent behaviors of popular cruise lines during the Covid-19 outbreak led many passengers to be exposed to the virus. In addition, some cruise lines did not make passengers aware of their exposure, creating an opportunity for the spread of the virus. Passengers on cruise ships are at a high risk of contracting viral diseases […]