2016 Saw the Largest Increase in Recalls, Injuries, and Incidents Involving Children’s Products in Nearly a Decade

2016 Saw the Largest Increase in Recalls, Injuries, and Incidents Involving Children’s Products in Nearly a Decade [infographic]

There was a significant increase in the number of children’s products recalled due to defects in design and construction that placed the health and safety of children at risk in 2016. These recalls included furniture, toys, safety products, and others that have caused considerable injuries and wrongful deaths. Parents and caregivers should take note of […]

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The Impact of Social Proof in the Workplace

Social influences and corporate culture can significantly impact the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. In environments where employees frequently take unnecessary risks, other workers may be tempted to act recklessly as well. Workplaces that foster and promote a safe work environment, however, create an atmosphere where workers recognize and value their own general welfare. […]

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Silent But Deadly: Quiet Cars Kill

The engines installed on hybrid and electric vehicles make them silent and potentially deadly threats to pedestrians. Unlike traditional combustion engines, hybrid and electric engines do not generate significant noise that can alert pedestrians to the presence of an approaching vehicle. While companies including Toyota, Nissan, and others have tested sound generating systems for their […]

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Who Is Liable When You’re Assaulted By Your Uber Driver?

When an Uber, Lyft, or other ride-sharing service driver commit rape, assault, or theft, the driver and the company can be held liable for damages to the injured party. These companies have a duty of care that includes protecting users of their services from known threats to their health and safety. While these companies attempt […]

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Emergency Action Plans Effective for Preventing Injuries, Deaths

Well organized and practiced Emergency Action Plans help mitigate emergencies and prevent injuries and wrongful deaths in the workplace. In 2015, private employers in the United States reported 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries. This was a rate of 3 cases per 100 workers in the country and represents a decrease of 48,000 over the previous […]

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Motor Vehicles [infographic]

Children are especially vulnerable to non-traffic injuries and fatalities involving automobiles. From 1990 to 2014, there were 11,759 non-traffic related incidents that caused 3,396 fatalities in children. These injuries and fatalities can be caused by suffocation, crushing, falls, fires and other dangers. When children are injured or killed in these incidents, motorists, vehicle manufacturers, parts […]

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Does the FACT Act Have a Burdensome Effect on Claimants?

The main purpose of the Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act is to reduce the number of fraudulent asbestos-related claims, however, the real result is that the compensation legitimate victims are entitled to is being delayed. Some claimants suffer from mesothelioma and can’t afford these delays as they require immediate treatment. The Dangers of Asbestos […]

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How Does Marijuana Use Affect Workers Compensation?

While for certain medical conditions it might be legal to smoke marijuana in Illinois, doing so can still negatively impact a workers compensation case. Since marijuana lingers in the system long after it is used, the drug can be blamed for a work injury even if it was used days before. How Marijuana Is Perceived […]

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Airbag Innovations That Keep Drivers Safe [Infographic]

Airbag innovations could help increase passive driver safety and reduce fatality rates from car accidents. New vehicles are being equipped with knee airbags, front center airbags, or inflatable seatbelts to minimize the risk of injury. (Article continues below Infographic) ______ Airbags Statistically Reduce Driver Fatalities Airbags have proven to reduce the likelihood of driver death […]

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New Helmet Technology Monitors Injuries [Infographic]

Technologically advanced helmets are helping to reduce the number of high school athletes that suffer concussions on the field. In 2012, it was estimated that high school athletes suffered nearly 300,000 concussions. Nationwide, it is estimated that concussions account for 15% of total high school athletic injuries. Approximately 33% of these injuries occur during practice […]