Are Hotels Liable for Injuries when They Ignore Human Trafficking Rings in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, hotels can be liable for injuries associated with human trafficking if they fail to prevent the trafficking rings from operating on their premises. Hotels are required to avoid participating in human trafficking and put policies in place that identify and prevent the occurrence of such activities. Why Hotels Can Be Held Responsible […]

interior view of self driving car

Car Accidents: Autopilot Does Not Mean Autonomous

Amid controversy over the use of the term “Autopilot” for Tesla’s driver assistant systems, it’s important for drivers to understand that these systems don’t make vehicles “autonomous” or “self-driving.” In an effort to prevent misleading advertising that could be potentially dangerous, new regulations may change words used to describe Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Issues with […]

Businessman holding two blocks with words workers compensation

OSHA Record-keeping: Is an Overhaul in Order?

Data gathered by OSHA is essential for establishing effective safety protocols and regulatory requirements to protect workers. OSHA’s current processes and requirements for record-keeping create gaps through which many workers fall victim to injury. To close these gaps, many are calling for changes to the agency’s recording and record-keeping requirements. Current Flaws That Need Addressed […]