Indianapolis 500: When Spectators Are Injured at the Speedway

Over the years, multiple spectators have sustained serious and even fatal injuries at the Indianapolis 500 and other racing events, raising questions about who is responsible for them. While spectator injuries are rare, they do occur, with one recent incident at the Williams Grove Speedway making headlines. Determining Responsibility in a Recent Spectator Death On […]

A dummy holds a settlement check

Should You Accept the First Settlement Offer After a Crash?

When insurance companies are quick to make a settlement offer following an accident, it’s best for injured victims to avoid accepting it for a few reasons. Even if the initial offer seems like an ample amount, it may not cover all of the costs associated with injuries resulting from the accident.  Why Accident Victims Should […]

10 Facts Injured Workers Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation

If an employee sustains a work injury and wants to seek compensation, there are 10 important facts he or she should know about workers’ compensation. Keeping this information in mind can help workers prepare a workers’ comp claim and preserve their legal rights. The following are the key points that workers should consider if they […]