Father’s Day Is Here: Is Your BBQ Grill Safe?

Manufacturers or retailers that sell dangerous products, including defective BBQ grills are liable for injuries caused by those products. Unsuspecting consumers can literally get burned if they purchase a defective BBQ grill this Father’s Day. A personal injury lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and other damages. Do Not […]

Working from Heights: Here’s How to Tie Off Safely

Employers in the construction industry are responsible for ensuring that workers have the protection and training they need to stay safe, including knowing how to tie-off safely. Falls are the number one reason for worker deaths in the construction industry. Injured workers or the families of those killed in work accidents are entitled to compensation […]

Robot Delivery Pods Take to the Streets: Car Accident Lawyers Prepare

Drivers need to beware of possible risks of accidents with self-driving vehicles. It is only a matter of time before robot delivery pods will be hitting big cities like Chicago and possibly increasing the risk of accidents for drivers. With the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and fears of future infectious diseases, the use of […]