Father’s Day Is Here: Is Your BBQ Grill Safe?

Manufacturers or retailers that sell dangerous products, including defective BBQ grills are liable for injuries caused by those products. Unsuspecting consumers can literally get burned if they purchase a defective BBQ grill this Father’s Day. A personal injury lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and other damages.

Do Not End Up with a Lemon of a BBQ Grill

With summer just around the corner, BBQ grills are a popular gift for Father’s Day. Before shopping for a grill, consumers should take the time to research the grill that they plan to buy. Often a simple Google search of the grill’s name and model number is enough to bring up reviews and any information on recalls.

After buying a grill, the purchaser should follow all the safety instructions that come with the grill to avoid injury. It is also important to register the grill with the manufacturer. This is not only to activate the warranty, but also to provide the manufacturer with the owner’s address so that a notice can be sent in the event of a recall.

Recent Recalls Consumers Need to Beware Of

Consumers should be aware of certain models that have been recently recalled. It is possible that they may already have purchased a grill in the past year that could be defective. They should pay attention to recalls making sure that their current grill is safe to use. Defective parts could cause serious injuries, including burns or property damage.

Multiple models of MR. STEAK propane gas grills have been recalled because of a known safety issue with their gas regulator hoses and fuel gauges melting if it touches the grills’ fireboxes. Consumers who purchased an MR. STEAK grill between May 2017 through July 2019 from Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, or ABT Appliance & Electronics stores should check to see if their model was recalled. If the model was recalled, it should not be used until after installing the free repair kit from the manufacturer.

Injury Victims Are Entitled to Compensation

Burn injuries from a defective grill can be devastating and life-changing. They may require extensive medical care and a long recovery period that will be costly. Filing a personal injury claim can help compensate injury victims for their medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. In Illinois, statute of limitation laws require injured parties to file their claim within two years of their injuries.