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Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Injuries Caused by a Workplace Brawl?

It may be possible to claim workers compensation when injuries are received from a fight in the workplace. However, when the fight is the result of a personal dispute or the injured party was the aggressor, the plaintiff is likely to be ruled ineligible to make a claim. A workers comp lawyer can help determine […]

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Cars Have Blind Spots Too

It is common to hear about large trucks having visibility issues, but cars can have blind spots too, and they can cause serious or even deadly accidents. Car blind spots endanger drivers and passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. They are a top cause of motorcyclist and pedestrian accidents. What is a Blind Spot? A blind spot […]

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Sterigenics International: Have You Been Injured?

Toxic ethylene oxide emissions released into the air by Sterigenics International put the health and well-being of the public at risk. It is suspected that these emissions could be the cause of high cancer rates in Willowbrook and surrounding communities. Here’s what workers and people who live in this area need to know. Who is […]

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Identifying These Types of Workplace Hazards Could Save Your Life

Not knowing what types of hazards exist in workplaces could cause serious or deadly injuries to employees. Employers are required under the Occupational Safety Health’s Act Duty Clause to prevent and remove recognized hazards to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Ignorance of not knowing what those hazards are is no excuse when injuries […]

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Top 5 Reasons Snow Accidents Happen

Dangerous driver behaviors increase the risk of serious and deadly snow accidents. Inexperience and negligence cause winter weather crashes that range from multiple car pileups to individual cars spinning out of control. Illinois in Top Ten Deadliest States Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Auto Insurance Center shows that about 38 […]

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Chicago Makes the List: Top 10 Most Traffic-Congested Cities

Chicago drivers are at a higher risk of becoming involved in an auto accident because the city is rated in the top ten traffic congested cities in the United States. Traffic congestion significantly increases the risk of car crashes. INRIX Traffic Scorecard Report Chicago is a great city to live in or visit and is […]

Was Your Baby’s Birth Defect Preventable? [infographic]

Although many birth defects are genetic, some are preventable and have been linked to prescription and over the counter medications, exposure to chemicals and toxins at home or in the workplace, or inadequate medical care during pregnancy. When birth defects are a result of negligence, money for medical bills, ongoing treatment and care, and other […]

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Zofran leads to birth defects: FDA Never Saw it Coming

FDA allows doctors to prescribe drugs for off-label uses but the agency never saw Zofran causing birth defects when used as an off-label drug for women suffering severe morning sickness. Zofran is a product of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that was developed for the treatment of severe vomiting and nausea and approved by the U.S. Food and […]

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Maternal Death Rate in US Is Getting Worse. Here’s Why

Improper hospital safety procedures cause more than 50,000 women to suffer severe complications and life-threatening injuries during childbirth every year in the United States. Approximately 700 women die each year from preventable injuries. Deadly Deliveries on the Rise Many U.S. hospitals are not following basic recommended safety procedures during childbirth. As a result, maternal death […]

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Segways and Hazardous Sidewalks, Roadways: A Dangerous Mix

Riding a Segway on cracked, broken, uneven, and irregular roadways and sidewalks can result in serious and even deadly crashes. The danger with riding Segways is that the machine detects weight and moves in the direction that the rider’s balance is shifting. As such, the device is highly vulnerable to abnormalities in the sidewalk or […]