Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Injuries Caused by a Workplace Brawl?

It may be possible to claim workers compensation when injuries are received from a fight in the workplace. However, when the fight is the result of a personal dispute or the injured party was the aggressor, the plaintiff is likely to be ruled ineligible to make a claim. A workers comp lawyer can help determine […]

Cars Have Blind Spots Too

It is common to hear about large trucks having visibility issues, but cars can have blind spots too, and they can cause serious or even deadly accidents. Car blind spots endanger drivers and passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. They are a top cause of motorcyclist and pedestrian accidents. What is a Blind Spot? A blind spot […]

Sterigenics International: Have You Been Injured?

Toxic ethylene oxide emissions released into the air by Sterigenics International put the health and well-being of the public at risk. It is suspected that these emissions could be the cause of high cancer rates in Willowbrook and surrounding communities. Here’s what workers and people who live in this area need to know. Who is […]