Don’t Let Social Media Posts Jeopardize Your Recovery

When victims are in the midst of an injury lawsuit, the wrong social media post could jeopardize their financial recovery. It is common for confidentiality clauses to be included in the terms of a lawsuit settlement agreement. These clauses prohibit all parties in a case from talking about the details publicly. An errant post on […]

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5 Worst Water Park Accidents in History

A day at the water park should be a day filled with fun, sun, and splashing, but when the excursion leads to a serious accident, families are left with holes that are difficult to fill. Here are some of the most frightening accidents that occurred in water parks worldwide. 1. Schlitterbahn Water Park Fatality In […]

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Septic Arthritis: Here What You Need to Know

When septic arthritis is not promptly diagnosed and treated, permanent damage to the joint can result. A joint infection that causes red, swollen, and painful joints, septic arthritis is often accompanied by a fever. When a patient presents with these symptoms, septic arthritis is one of the first conditions doctors typically consider. When a doctor […]