a fast-driving ambulance car

Failing to Yield to EMS: A Serious Problem in Chicago

Failing to yield for emergency vehicles has become a serious problem in Chicago, putting EMS workers, passengers, patients, and other motorists at risk of serious injury or death. Critical seconds are lost when drivers fail to yield to EMS vehicles. When failure to yield causes a crash, the people at the accident scene aren’t the […]

football coach with children players

Sports-Related Injujries Are Breaking More Records. Here’s Why

Overuse may be to blame for the rise in sports-related injuries in children.  Coaches have a duty to keep children safe. When they fail, they could be liable for the injuries caused. What Is Fueling the Rise in Injuries? The number of children experiencing sports injuries continues to increase. According to the Centers for Disease […]

lots of pills, medical malpractice

Will Continued Drug Shortages Increase the Risk for Medical Malpractice?

Alternative therapies to accommodate shortages of vital medications in hospitals puts the health of patients at risk, opening the door for medical malpractice lawsuits. Medical malpractice lawyers work on behalf of patients who suffer injuries because of inadequate care, including when injuries are related to forgoing or switching medications. Hospitals Are Struggling with Prolonged Drug […]