Chicago Pilots and Flight Crew: Were You Exposed to the New Coronavirus at Work?

The coronavirus pandemic has put employees of certain industries, including Chicago’s pilots and flight crews at a higher risk of contracting the virus while working. When a person’s employment increases the risk of a “proximity caused” disease, it may be able to obtain workers’ compensation. Infectious Diseases May Be Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Exposure to […]

Real Life Medical Malpractice Horror Stories

Patients who are injured because of the negligent actions of their doctors or healthcare providers are entitled to compensation for their injuries and losses. In the United States, most of the 30 million surgeries performed each year have successful outcomes. However, when preventable mistakes or freak accidents occur during surgery or patient care, this is […]

Chicago Car Accidents: Summer Brings the 100 Deadliest Days for Teens

Summer increases the risk of teens dying or causing fatalities in car crashes. This group is already most at risk for being involved in serious and sometimes fatal car accidents. Many of these accidents cause catastrophic injuries to not only teens and their passengers, but also other drivers and passengers involved. Here is information that […]