No Texting for Bicyclists

While there are a few hardy souls who bike to work all winter long, spring weather brings out many more bicyclists riding along the lake front as well as in designated bike lanes on many of Chicago’s streets. Cyclists who use these lanes often tell tales of errant car divers who have failed to obey […]

Don’t Talk, Don’t Tell

Have you ever been told you are not allowed to discuss your salary with co-workers? Many companies have polices that strictly prohibit it. Often a statement such as this appears in the employee handbook “Confidentiality of Salary and Benefit Information: Employees are prohibited from discussing their salary or wage levels and company benefits with other […]

Girl in pink shirt wearing roller skates on the road

Roller Bladers Can Now Legal Skate On Road

Under a new law, effective January 1st of this year, inline skaters and roller bladers can now skate in the road, though not within the City of Chicago. According to the statute, written on behalf of Elmhurst attorney and speed skater Ben Neiburger with the assistance of Illinois State Representative Chris Nybo, skaters and pedestrians […]

Mis-labeled or Deceptive Food Labeled Products

Ankin Law is currently looking into a potential case involving the following food products. If you use any of these please email us your name, phone number and the name of the product that you use. CAMPBELL SOUP CO. Campbell’s Healthy Request soups: Chicken with egg noodles (microwaveable tub, 100% Natural)Bean with bacon (condensed)Beef with […]

New Foreclosure Rules

The new mandatory regulations regarding foreclosures, recently developed by the Illinois Supreme Court, went into effect on Match 1st. The rules came about due to the deceptive practices that judges observed as well as the fact that homeowners often don’t appear in court, believing that they have little or no chance of fighting mortgage lenders. […]

Child Support Law Strengthened

The goal in determining and providing child support is to ensure that every child receives the financial support necessary to enable them to lead a happy and healthy life regardless of the marital status of their parents. There are legal guidelines used to determine the percentage of income owed by the non-custodial parent to the […]

Cop in front of police car

Illinois Crime Victims Bill of Rights

New laws require police officials in many capacities to receive additional education. First, The Illinois Police Training Act has been amended this year to include specific education for police trainees to recognize the signs of possible senior adult abuse and neglect. Second, the Illinois Police Training Act provides training techniques designed to promote effective communication […]