Illinois Crime Victims Bill of Rights

Cop in front of police car

New laws require police officials in many capacities to receive additional education. First, The Illinois Police Training Act has been amended this year to include specific education for police trainees to recognize the signs of possible senior adult abuse and neglect.

Second, the Illinois Police Training Act provides training techniques designed to promote effective communication during the officers’ initial contact with crime victims. Training will include methods for explaining the Crime Victims Compensation Act to victims and witnesses. The Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Program provides financial assistance to victims of violent crimes, reimbursing their out-of-pocket expenses.

Third, officer trainees will explain the Illinois Crime Victims Bill of Rights, which lays out ten rights including items such as the right to be protected from the accused during the trial and the right to make a statement at sentencing.

Fourth, effective January 1st of 2013, the State Police Training has been expanded to include training State police officers to identify the symptoms of PTSD and to respond in an appropriate manner to individuals who exhibit those symptoms.

It is hoped that these trainings will help educate police officers and improve their interactions with victims, and witnesses as well as safely respond to potential threats made by individuals suffering from PSTD.