Mis-labeled or Deceptive Food Labeled Products

Ankin Law is currently looking into a potential case involving the following food products. If you use any of these please email us your name, phone number and the name of the product that you use.

Campbell’s Healthy Request soups:
Chicken with egg noodles (microwaveable tub, 100% Natural)Bean with bacon (condensed)Beef with country vegetables (Chunky)


Cheddar cheese (condensed)

Chicken with corn chowder (Chunky)

Chicken noodle (condensed)

Chicken rice (condensed)

Chicken with whole grain pasta (100% Natural)

Chicken noodle (microwaveable tub, Chunky)

Classic chicken noodle (Chunky)

Cream of celery (condensed)

Cream of chicken (condensed)

Cream of mushroom (condensed)

Grilled chicken and sausage gumbo (microwaveable tub, Chunky)

Grilled chicken and sausage gumbo (Chunky)

Hearty Italian-style wedding (Chunky)

Homestyle chicken noodle (condensed)

Italian-style wedding (microwaveable tub, 100% Natural)

Italian-style wedding (100% Natural)

Mexican-style chicken tortilla (100% Natural)

Mexican-style chicken tortilla (microwaveable tub, 100% Natural)

Minestrone (condensed)

New England clam chowder (Chunky)

Old fashioned vegetable beef (Chunky)

Pasta fagioli (100% Natural)

Roasted chicken with country vegetables (Chunky)

Savory chicken and brown rice (microwaveable bowl, 100% Natural)

Sirloin burger with country vegetables (Chunky)

Split pea and ham (Chunky)

Tomato basil (100% Natural condensed)

Tomato (condensed)

Vegetable beef (condensed)

Vegetable (Chunky)

Vegetable (condensed)

Pepperidge Farm breads:100% Whole Wheat Hearty Texture Whole Grain Bread100% Whole Wheat Whole Grain Bagels


100% Whole Wheat English Muffins

Farmhouse 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Farmhouse Whole Grain White Bread

Light Style 7 Grain Bread

Light Style Extra Fiber Bread

Light Style Soft Wheat Bread

Soft 7 Grain Sandwich Buns

Prego sauces:Heart Smart Mushroom Italian SauceHeart Smart Ricotta Parmesan Italian Sauce


Heart Smart Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Italian Sauce

Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce

V8 juices:Original 100% Vegetable JuiceV.Fusion Acai Mixed Berry


V.Fusion Concord Grape Raspberry

V.Fusion Cranberry Blackberry

V.Fusion Goji Raspberry

V.Fusion Peach Mango

V.Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry

V.Fusion Smoothie Mango

V.Fusion Smoothie Strawberry Banana

V.Fusion Smoothie Wild Berry

V.Fusion Strawberry Banana

V.Fusion Tropical Orange

Deli meats:All natural roasted turkey breast with lemon and herbAll natural uncured ham


Blazing buffalo style oven roasted chicken breast

Deluxe 42% lower sodium ham

Cracked pepper mill smoked turkey breast

EverRoast oven roasted chicken breast

Maple glazed honey coat cured turkey breast

Mesquite wood smoked skinless roasted breast of turkey

Pastrami seasoned turkey breast

Rotisserie seasoned oven roasted turkey breast

Salsalito roasted turkey breast

All American BBQ seasoned oven roasted chicken breast

All natural roasted turkey breast

All natural smoked turkey breast

All natural Tuscan brand roasted turkey breast

Golden catering style oven roasted turkey breast

Golden classic oven roasted 42% lower sodium chicken breast

Hickory smoked black forest turkey breast

Hickory smoked boneless skinless chicken breast

Lemon pepper boneless skinless roasted chicken breast

Londonport top round seasoned roast beef

Maple glazed oven roasted chicken breast

Our premium 47% lower sodium oven roasted turkey breast

Ovengold roasted turkey breast skinless

Pancetta bacon topped oven roasted turkey breast

Healthy Choice Café Steamers:Asian inspired General Tso’s spicy chickenChicken margherita


Chicken pesto classico

Grilled chicken marinara

Mediterranean inspired grilled basil chicken

Healthy Choice Complete Meals:Chicken pesto alfredoGolden roasted turkey breast


Lemon pepper fish

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers:Creamy tomato basil pennePasta margherita


Rotini and zesty marinara sauce

Sesame teriyaki chicken

Sweet and sour chicken

Tuscan style chicken

Ziti and meat sauce

Healthy Choice Modern Classics:Beef and broccoli
Healthy Choice Traditional Classics:Beef pot roastClassic meat loaf


Country herb chicken

Oven roasted chicken

Francesco Rinaldi sauces:TOBE Healthy Garden Vegetable Pasta SauceTOBE Healthy Garlic & Onion Pasta Sauce


TOBE Healthy Spicy Marinara Pasta Sauce

TOBE Healthy Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce

Deli Favorites meats:Hickory smoked turkey breastMesquite smoked honey turkey breast


Oven roasted turkey breast

Ultra-shaved Re-sealable Tray meats:Roast beef 96% fat freeBlack forest turkey breast 98% fat free


Oven roasted turkey breast 98% fat free

Black forest ham 97% fat free

Premium honey ham 97% fat free

Premium ham 97% fat free

Other meats:97% fat free deli sliced premium baked hamExtra thin 97% fat free premium honey ham


98% fat free smoked turkey breast

Hillshire Farm meats:Lower sodium honey roasted turkey breastLower sodium oven roasted turkey breast ultra thin slices


Lower sodium smoked ham with natural juices

Deli meats:Reduced sodium honey hamReduced sodium oven roasted turkey


Reduced sodium roast beef

Reduced sodium smoked ham

Reduced sodium smoked turkey

Healthy Ones meats:97% fat free deli cooked hamCured roast beef


97% fat free browned chicken breast

97% fat free medium roast beef

97% fat free mesquite smoked chicken breast

97% fat free Virginia brand ham

98% fat free golden oven roasted turkey breast

98% fat free medium rare roast beef

98% fat free mesquite smoked turkey breast

Black forest brand ham

Buffalo style chicken

Ham off the bone

Maple ham

Rotisserie seasoned chicken

Thin-sliced honey ham

Thin-sliced oven roasted chicken breast

Thin-sliced Rotisserie style chicken breast

Thin-sliced variety pack – honey ham and honey smoked turkey breast

Thick-sliced oven roasted chicken breast

Honey ham

Honey roasted and smoked skinless turkey breast

Oven roasted turkey breast

Rotisserie style chicken breast

Sliced cured roast beef

Sliced oven roasted turkey breast

Sliced smoked turkey breast

Sliced Virginia brand ham

Tuna Creations products:Hickory smokedSweet and spicy
Instant Oatmeal products:Apples and cinnamonCinnamon roll


Cinnamon and spice

Flavor variety – maple and brown sugar

Flavor variety – cinnamon and spice

Flavor variety – apples and cinnamon

High fiber cinnamon swirl

High fiber maple and brown sugar

Lower sugar apples and cinnamon

Maple and brown sugar

Raisins and spice

Cereals:Cinnamon LifeLife


Life maple and brown sugar

Whole Hearts

Oatmeal Squares products:Brown sugarCinnamon


Golden maple

Honey nut

Minute Maid juices:Premium country style orange juicePremium country style orange juice (frozen)


Premium home squeezed style calcium + vitamin D orange juice

Premium low acid orange juice

Premium low acid orange juice (frozen)

Premium low pulp original orange juice

Premium original orange juice (frozen)

Premium pulp free orange juice

Premium pulp free orange juice (frozen)

Pure squeezed no pulp orange juice

Pure squeezed no pulp with calcium and vitamin D orange juice

Pure squeezed some pulp orange juice