10 Secrets to Obtaining a Fair Car Accident Settlement

In addition to hiring a car accident attorney to help with negotiations, there are numerous secrets that can help injured victims reach a fair settlement when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters aren’t on the side of the accident victim and will work to reach the lowest settlement possible. However, following these tips can increase a victim’s chance of recovering compensation for losses sustained as a result of the accident. 

1. Investigating the Scene

Conducting an investigation into the accident can help paint a full picture of what happened. Witness statements, accident report numbers, and well-lit photographs are vital pieces of information to obtain. Throughout the investigation, victims should use a phone or video camera to take photos or record video footage of the scene of the accident, along with injuries and other damages.

2. Keeping Medical Reports Away from Other Parties

The other party’s insurance company can use medical records against claimants.

3. Maintaining Copies of All Medical Bills and Receipts

It’s important for accident victims to obtain records of all medical bills and receipts, which can help prove the extent of the injury and the treatment required to recover. Otherwise, it can be difficult to show insurers and courts that injuries are worth the amount of compensation the victim is seeking.

4. Updating Attorneys if Injuries Worsen

In some cases, injuries may get worse after an accident. It’s best to notify attorneys, who may contact adjustors to update reserve accounts.

5. Maintaining a Daily Log of the Injuries

A daily log of the injuries and how they impacted the victim’s life can help determine the value of a claim.

6. Understanding the Types of Damages

The more a claimant understands the types of losses that can be claimed, the more likely he or she is to achieve a fair settlement.

7. Filing as Soon as Possible

Filing a claim promptly following the accident will increase a claimant’s chances of recovering a favorable settlement.

8. Avoiding Settling for a Low Amount

Insurance adjusters will attempt to reach a low settlement early on, but it’s best for a claimant’s accident lawyer to negotiate for an appropriate settlement.

9. Continuing Treatment As Recommended

Ending treatment before the doctor releases the patient can negatively affect claims.

10. Having an Attorney Review the Case

An experienced accident lawyer will evaluate the claim and determine a fair settlement amount. Attorneys may also help negotiate with insurance adjusters.