With The Holiday Season Starting, You Should May Want To Consider A Designated Driver, When Going Out!

If you are planning a night of partying you should also plan a designated driver! Being pulled over for drinking and driving is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago; today the consequences are much more severe. The

State of Illinois is not taking drinking and driving lightly; your driving privileges could be revoked for a period of time if you blow a .08 or more into the breathalyzer at the scene or you refuse to blow into the breathalyzer. Because the State of Illinois has a zero tolerance stance you could loose your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) if you are pulled over for drinking and driving.

You may want to pause if you drive for a living, commute or travel for your career. Loosing your driver’s license could put your career in jeopardy. In today’s economy employers are not taking it lightly if you are arrested for a DUI; they view it as more than someone who has had a couple of drinks at a party; instead they see a person who is irresponsible and possibly more difficult to insure.

If you do get behind the wheel by mistake after several drinks and are pulled over please call my office for legal council. Have a safe holiday season.