Wedding Injuries are No Honeymoon

Weddings are surprisingly hazardous events and when injuries occur, determining liability can be a challenge because numerous entities may have contributed to the accident. People who are injured at weddings may be able to recover damages from the venue, vendors, the wedding planner, and even the bride and groom.

Understanding the Danger of Wedding Events

Among couples who purchase wedding insurance policies, over a quarter of the claims are connected to accidents or injuries at the event. The dance floor is one of the most dangerous places at weddings, with many claims made due to falls on slippery floors. About 18% of wedding injuries that require a trip to the ER are caused by slip and fall accidents.

People are also injured when they jump in a crowd to catch the bouquet or garter during the reception. Sometimes injuries like back strains occur when people are setting up for the wedding and moving heavy items around. Falls when climbing ladders to hang decorations are also common. Some insurance companies have even had claims from people swallowing wedding rings or other jewelry at the wedding.

Although sprains and strains are common during weddings, traumatic brain injuries, severe burns, and drunken driving accidents often happen as well. When wedding accidents cause injuries that require medical treatment and time away from work, people often file personal injury claims to help pay for their losses.

Handling Wedding Accidents

If an accident occurs at a wedding and someone is injured, the victims and any bystanders should take note of the details of the incident. Should the injured party hire an injury lawyer to pursue damages, having details about what happened will help determine who is liable for the injury. Victims should also take photos of the area surrounding the accident. Any contributing factors like decoration hazards, spills, or broken handrails should be captured in the photos.

Protection for Wedding Accidents

While most venues have liability insurance that kicks in if an accident occurs, some couples purchase wedding insurance coverage to provide more protection against a liability claim if someone gets hurt. Additionally, most major wedding venues require vendors and contractors to show proof of liability insurance before the event.