5 Signs Your Workplace May Be Unsafe

A broken yellow hardhat on ground

Employees and employers can look for certain signs that indicate an unsafe workplace. Employers need to provide the necessary equipment and safety measures to maintain a consistently safe workplace. Failure to do so could lead to serious injuries or fatalities due to workplace accidents.

The following are some primary signs to look for when assessing workplace safety.

Inadequate Safety Equipment

In some workplaces, employers will need to provide safety equipment including helmets, goggles, vests, or other gear. Without this equipment, employees may be at risk of injury from everything from fallen objects to heavy machinery during operation.

Malfunctioning Equipment

Equipment that’s malfunctioning or broken entirely could also contribute to injuries in the workplace if they aren’t repaired or replaced. Both employees and employers need to check to make sure equipment is working properly before using it, which can help prevent potential accidents.

Insufficient Training

Employers frequently need to provide adequate safety training to employees, which will teach them how to properly use various types of machinery and equipment and perform other types of work tasks. Inadequate training puts everyone at risk of accidents and serious injuries because of improperly used equipment or handled materials.

Injured Employees

If multiple employees sustain injuries because of one or more factors, this could be a sign of inadequate workplace safety. For example, employees may sustain injuries from faulty equipment, or they may develop a shared illness that could indicate harmful exposure to toxic chemicals. Regardless of the nature of employees’ injuries or illnesses, it’s important to treat them seriously and investigate the cause.

Health Issues

If an employee develops an illness or other health problems while working, it may indicate that workers are experiencing dangerous levels of exposure to chemicals, radiation, toxic gases, or other hazardous substances. If health problems develop and an employee suspects it’s because of a hazardous environment, the employee should bring it up to their employer as soon as possible. Taking this step can help confirm the cause and initiate the process of mitigating exposure for other employees.

Any of these signs could be indicative of a dangerous work environment, and employers should do what they can to implement the right safety measures to prevent them. Looking for these signs will enable employers to get a better sense of their workplace’s safety, helping them avoid future accidents and injuries.