U.S. Car Accident Map and Chicago Bicycle Accident Map

Bicyclists on the road with vehicles
Motion blurred bicyclists in traffic

According to the Guardian UK Datablog, there were 369,269 deaths on U.S. roadways between 2001 and 2009. The accidents that caused these deaths involved cars, trucks, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists. It’s such a large figure that it’s difficult to wrap your mind around it.

Although these tragic losses are nearly incomprehensible, the Datablog offers an interactive diagram which maps out each accident casualty and shows where the most accidents occur. The map was created by transport data mapping experts ITO World using official data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and sorts the accidents by type. While the information is extremely depressing, the map is a useful tool that offers useful data, making the statistics more understandable. You can view and interact with the map here.

Another useful tool for Chicagoans is the Chicago Bicycle Accident Map, which appears on the Chicagoan Blog and can be viewed below. The map was created by Steven Vance, who also happens to be a year-round bicyclist. He used IDOT data and Google Fusion tables to map every bicycle accident that occurred in Chicago from 2007-2009.

Although the data included in these maps is no doubt depressing, it is nevertheless necessary to be aware of car accident and bicycle accident trends. It’s always better to be aware of the dangers and take conscious steps to protect you and your family rather than turning a blind eye to the risks of the road this holiday season.

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