$75 Ticket If Your Child Is Not In a Safety Seat

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There are many reasons and laws as to why you need to assure that your child is either in a child restraint seat or securely strapped into the back seat when riding in an automobile. Your child deserves the very best protection in your vehicle. As we have all heard for the past several years, airbags and young children do not mix. Airbags could seriously injure or kill a young child riding in the front seat. Remember, the best seat for your child is the back seat! Purchasing the best child restraint seat that you can afford is the same as buying insurance, as you are protecting your child. Automobile accidents are the #1 killer of children between ages 1 and 14.

Illinois law states that children 7 years and younger need to be in a child safety seat that is secured to the rear seat using the automobile safety belt. Children that are 8 through 15 years, and who weigh more than 40 pounds, can sit in the rear seat where a lap belt or a lap and shoulder belt are available. Child safety seats include infant seats, convertible seats (rear-facing for infants and forward-facing for toddlers), and booster seats that are used with the vehicle lap shoulder belt.

As of January 1st 2011, if your child is not in a child restraint seat you will get a $75.00 ticket in Illinois.