Popular B.O.B. Jogging Strollers Recalled

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Approximately 357,000 B.O.B. single and double jogging strollers were recently recalled in the United States and Canada as a result of reports that a drawstring on the stroller can get wrapped around a child’s neck, which could result in strangulation.

The popular stroller manufacturer B.O.B. Trailers, Inc. recalled the stroller after it received one report of an 11-month-old girl becoming entangled in the drawstring. The child was ultimately freed from the drawstring by her mother.

The strollers recalled include the following 11 models of B.O.B. single and double strollers, all of which have the name “B.O.B” on the cargo basket under the stroller and on the front of the stroller and a yellow/orange drawstring at the rear of the canopy that is used to gather loose fabric when the canopy is pulled back:

ModelSerial # ranges
Sport Utility Stroller12362 – 35107
AA00001 – AA025490
AA900000 – AA999999
Sport Utility Stroller D’Lux12362 – 35107
AB000001 – AB007940
AB900000 – AB999999
Ironman®800000 – 803700
AC000001- AC027923
AC900000 – AC999999
Sport Utility Duallie002001 – 008068
AD000001 – AD011252
AD900000 – AD999999
Ironman® DuallieAE000001 – AE008909
AE900000 – AE999999
RevolutionAF000001 – AF189112
AF900000 – AF999999
Revolution 12AK000001 – AK024149
AK900000 – AK999999
Stroller Strides®AG000001 – AG011163
AG900000 – AG999999
Revolution DuallieAH000001 – AH072921
AH900000 – AH999999
Revolution Duallie 12AL000001 – AL012657
AL900000 – AL999999
Stroller Strides® DuallieAM000001 – AM003229
AM900000 – AM999999

The recalled strollers were sold at REI, buy buy Baby and other stores nationwide, as well as on the internet stores of Babiesrus.com, Target.com and Amazon.com, between April 2002 and February 2011. The strollers retailed for $300 to $600.

What to do if your stroller has been recalled

To determine whether your stroller has been recalled, consumers should check their stroller’s serial number located near the stroller’s rear right leg, either stamped in the frame or on a white label. If your stroller has been recalled, you should immediately stop using the stroller and remove the drawstring. If the stroller was used with a separately-purchased Weather Shield or Sun Shield accessory, consumers should contact B.O.B. Trailers for a free canopy retrofit kit at (855) 242-2245 or www.bobcanopy.com.

If you or your child has been injured using one of the recalled strollers, you may wish to contact the experienced Illinois product liability attorneys at Ankin Law to learn about a possible personal injury or product liability claim.

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