More Children’s Products are Recalled

A few weeks ago we discussed a number of recent recalls affecting children, including recalls involving Similac infant formula and cadmium tainted jewelry. Since then, there have been more recalls of products targeted toward children, some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

First, just before Halloween, a number of candy products were recalled, as reported in this blog post from First, Mega Pops, the popular lollipops commonly handed out to children at banks and other retail establishments, were recalled because of the risk of contamination by “minute pieces of stainless steel.” Also recalled were “fun size” packaged of Raisinets, the popular movie theater fare. The raisin and chocolate candy was recalled because of possible cross-contamination with peanuts, a serious issue for those with peanut allergies since the candy’s label didn’t include a warning to that effect.

Another child-related recall involved medication intended to relieve the pain of teething. As reported at Time magazine, Hyland teething tablets were recalled due to the Food and Drug Administration’s claims that the medication included inconsistent amounts of belladonna, an ingredient that can cause serious side effects, such as extreme lethargy and seizures when taken in large doses.

As explained in the Time article, parents should watch out for the following symptoms:

Head to the pediatrician if your child experiences the following symptoms after using the tablets: seizures, difficulty breathing, lethargy, excessive sleepiness, muscle weakness, skin flushing, constipation, difficulty urinating or agitation.

Once again, manufacturing errors, carelessness and lack of foresight are placing our children, the most vulnerable members of our society, at risk. For that reason, it’s important to be proactive and stay abreast of recalled children’s products. The safety of our children depends on the vigilance of parents and guardians, the oversight of governmental agencies like the FDA and the hard work by personal injury attorneys who assist the injured and force large companies to take reasonable care to prevent future injuries from occurring.

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