Falling in the Food Store

Did you know that a business is not automatically responsible for water causing harm to a patron at the entrance of a store? One of the most commonplace inquiries to our office involves a client falling on tracked-in water when entering a food store or other business. We hear from clients that there was not a slip mat or that it was soiled, and that is why they fell. Slip mats are provided as a courtesy in order to help prevent a fall.

With spring approaching and the weather shifting into the rainy season, wet floors will become more common when entering a building. Most of the time when you walk into a building you will see a sign stating Wet Floor along with a slip mat. The building, by placing a slip mat and or a sign Wet Floor is warning you that a hazardous condition may exist. If you chose to take a chance and walk through without taking any precaution, the store owner may try point to the sign and say you were not paying attention. It is a good idea to tread lightly this spring and pay attention to what is on the floor right in front of you.