The Most Common Office Work Injuries and Accidents

Though they do not receive the same kind of attention as other professional injuries, injuries in the office are unfortunately very common. Though office professions do not get as much notice as more serious injuries sustained in manual positions, the effects of injuries in office positions can be just as painful and damaging, and sometimes fatal. There are four injuries that all office workers should be aware of so that they can watch for signs of problems.

The 2016 report provides a detailed look across most industries, insurance costs of the injuries, and other information. A work injury attorney can help understand worker’s rights in the event of an injury or accident on the job.

Trips and Fall Injuries

Tripping and falling are one of the most common types of injuries in an office environment. Employees are more likely to be distracted with papers or cell phones while walking, resulting in easily avoidable injuries. Cords, boxes, and other obstacles need to be properly managed so that they do not create unsafe environments for office employees.

Walking into Fixed Objects

Similar to trips and falls, office employees are more likely to walk into objects because they are preoccupied with work instead of walking. While low items should be kept out of walkways, offices should encourage employees to focus on walking instead of feeling pressured to be constantly available during working hours.

Violence in the Workplace

Tempers can run high in an office environment. Politics and office drama can lead to arguments and attacks. This can be mitigated through training and monitoring of employee stress levels. There were more than 500 homicides recorded in the workplace in 2010.

Ergonomically Unfit Workstations

One of the most well-recognized yet often inadequately addressed problems in offices is the ergonomically unfit workstation. Business should provide a comfortable arrangement to reduce the stress of repetitive motions and sitting for long periods of time. Ergonomic injuries have led to the awarding of over $15 billion for workers every year.

The following are the most commonly reported ergonomic problems:

  • Poor seating, creating uncomfortable postures
  • Repetitive motions without adequate breaks or tasks to give muscles time to rest
  • Inadequate screen level, causing neck problems

To help recover damages sustained on the job, contact a work injury attorney. A good attorney can provide guidance on documentation, communication, and other crucial elements to a potential case.