2 Million Baby Cribs Recalled

In late June, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of over 2 million baby cribs. The suspect cribs were manufactured between 2000 and 2009 and most of the recalled cribs have “drop-sides,” which were intended to make it easier for the parent to reach the baby.

However, that very same feature is the basis for the recall. The drop-side can, in some cases, malfunction and create a strangulation and/or suffocation risk for the baby.

“Most of the cribs were drop-sides, which have a side rail that moves up and down so parents can lift children from them more easily,” the AP story said. “That movable side, however, can malfunction or detach from the crib, creating a dangerous gap where babies’ heads can become trapped, leading to suffocation or strangulation.”

“No deaths were linked to the recalled cribs, but there were more than 250 reports of drop-sides detaching or failing and at least 16 entrapments of infants,” according to the AP story. “In one case, a child was found unconscious and later hospitalized.”

The brands involved in the recall include Evenflo, Delta Enterprises Corp., Child Craft, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and Simmons Juvenile Products Inc.

Consumers are being issued free repair kits by the original crib manufacturer. The CPSC warns consumers not to attempt to fix the cribs using homemade remedies.

Additional information about the recall, including lists of the model numbers of the recalled cribs, can be found here at the CPSC’s website.

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